Sports Therapy and Sports Massage

Sports Therapy/Sport Massage (soft tissue therapy) is now available from New Movement Solutions

What is soft tissue therapy?  

Soft tissue therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissue/fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints. Soft tissue therapy helps reduce the soft tissue discomfort associated with work and everyday life, over-use pain and many other chronic pain conditions. If used early enough after accidents involving trauma and injury, soft tissue therapy can greatly reduce the development of painful muscular patterning. Sports Massage soft tissue therapy is a combination of massage techniques and deep tissue massage, specific to each individual. It is targeted towards improving range of movement, reducing pain and impacting on performance. Your body is made up of 70% soft tissue. New Movement Solutions treats soft tissue njuries resulting from everyday activities or from competing (at any level). Clinical reasoning and excellent palpation skills allow us to hone in on the problem area and have you well on the way to recovery in your first session. If you haven't tried a REAL deep tissue massage or had soft tissue therapy, then this treatment may be a pleasant surprise for you. It's highly likely to solve your problem. At times the treatment can be tender due to the therapist needing to work through the superficial tissues into the deeper structures to locate the underlying cause of the pain or tension. Soft tissue therapy can both maintain and develop your bodies performance. Imagine a car that was never serviced or given an M.O.T. it would soon start breaking down. The body is very similar, we decide to work it harder, put it under greater strain through exercise or a change in job, yet we give that body minimal support or servicing. Sports Massage treatment is often the answer to optimising performance and remaining injury free. If appropriate, you will be given a clear programme of corrective exercises and stretches to follow at home. This is an essential part of the sports therapy treatment process that is followed up in your next session, adjusting the exercises if needs be.  treatments are designed to:

„      Relieve muscle pain, spasm & correct muscle imbalance

„      Deactivate trigger points

„      Improve Range of Movement & flexibility

„      Breakdown scar tissue & adhesions

„      Increase or decrease muscle tone

„      Improve postural awareness

„      Identify potential causes & assist in injury prevention

„      Speed up recovery from training & aid rehabilitation

„      Promote relaxation & mental preparation

„      Prevention of & early detection of possible injury

„      Forms part of a training regime to optimise performance

„      Get you back to full function following surgery/accidents/slips or falls

„      Correct dysfunctional movement patterns

Sports Massage Benefits

 The benefits of sports massage are well documented and play an important role for anyone involved in strenuous activity, whether through sport, occupation or otherwise. Regular sports massage has the following effects on the body:

„      Increased mobility and flexibility of muscle tissue

„      Increased feeling of well-being „      Relief from tension and stress

„      Correction of muscular imbalances

„      Decreased risk of injury


The consultation process is based on: Information that you as a client can provide, for example; giving a detailed medical history and an understanding of your injury and pain details (if relevant). As part of the consultation process we will observe and palpate the area and complete a full musculoskeletal assessment. An appropriate treatment plan will be devised  

Sports Massage (Soft Tissue Therapy) and Corrective Exercise  

NMS provide a comprehensive injury management and rehabilitation service that aims to get you back to optimal levels of fitness in the shortest possible time. The service is not only for sporting injuries, but also occupational related conditions including postural abnormalities, low back pain and neck pain. Therapy begins with an initial assessment session to identify the source of the problem and outline an injury management plan to achieve specific goals on your way back to functional health. Follow-up treatments utilise a range of manual techniques, from deep tissue massage and stretching, to joint mobilization and corrective exercise prescription. Your first consultation lasts 60 minutes and will include your first treatment, of approximately 20 minutes You will leave knowing exactly what is wrong and what needs to be done. If appropriate, you will be given a clear programme of exercises and stretches to follow at home.   NMS won’t waste your time or money with treatments you don't need - If your injury can be treated at home, we will teach you how to treat yourself! We believe the quicker you recover, the quicker you will tell others about the service we provide  What happens on the first visit? On the first visit you will complete a confidential health history as part of your assessment. This is important as we need to know if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications. We will listen to your concerns, assess your individual needs as well as other factors that may be contributing to your injury (lifestyle, nutritional status, etc.). We will then develop a treatment plan with you to ensure you receive appropriate treatment that will help you return, as much as possible, to your normal activities. During your first visit you can expect the following:

„      Arrive at your appointment and complete your paperwork

„      We will discuss the following:

„      Your medical history.

„      Your current problems/complaints.

„      Pain intensity, what aggravates and eases the problem.

„      How this is impacting your daily activities or your functional limitations.

„      Your goals and upcoming events.

„      Medications, tests, and procedures related to your health. We will then perform the objective evaluation, which may include some of the following:

„      Palpation - touching around the area of the pain/problem. This is done to check for the presence of tenderness, swelling, soft tissue integrity, tissue temperature, inflammation, etc.

„      Range of Motion (ROM) - we will move the joint(s) to check for the quality of movement and any restrictions.

„      Muscle Testing - we may check for strength and the quality of the muscle contraction. Pain and weakness may be noted. Often the muscle strength is graded. This is also part of a neurological screening.

„      Neurological Screening - we may check to see how the nerves are communicating with the muscles, sensing touch, pain, vibration, or temperature. Reflexes may be assessed as well.

„      Special Tests - we may perform special tests to confirm/rule out the presence of additional problems.

„      Posture Assessment - the positions of joints relative to ideal and each other may be assessed.

We will then formulate a list of the problems you have, and describe how we will treat those problems. A plan is subsequently developed with the your input. This includes how often you should see us, how many weeks you will need therapy for, home programs, patient education, short-term/long-term goals, and what is expected after discharge from therapy. This plan is created with input from you, NMS and your doctor, if appropriate.

How should I dress?  

You should wear loose fitting clothing so you can expose the area that we will be evaluating and treating. For example, if you have a knee problem, it is best to wear shorts. For a shoulder problem, a tank top is a good choice, and for low back problems, wear a loose fitting shirt and pants, again so we can perform a thorough examination. We use towels to maintain your modesty, but please be prepared to expose the part of your body that needs treating, very few injuries are treated through clothing. If you have any feelings of anxiety about this then please tell us at the first meeting. Do I have to remove my clothing for soft tissue therapy?  No. Your comfort as a client is of the utmost importance to all soft tissue therapists, whether that is in the context of the clothing you wear or the treatment you receive. All SM(STT's) are trained in proper draping procedures to ensure that your privacy is completely respected at all times during treatment. Your comfort and ability to relax is paramount to effective treatment. We will also describe the treatments to be provided to ensure that you are comfortable with them. Your consent is sought before treatment is provided. If you are uncomfortable, we want you to let us know immediately, whether that discomfort involves the treatment, draping or any pain you may experience. Be sure and discuss the most effective means of treatment with us. Does soft tissue therapy hurt?  As with many treatments affecting the soft tissue, there are times when soft tissue therapy can cause some discomfort but it is not harmful. Discomfort usually diminishes and no technique of this nature is used without the soft tissue therapist first discussing it with you and obtaining your permission. A comfort scale will be established and we will work to your tolerance level. You can stop or change the treatment at any time and we will modify their techniques to meet your needs.

What are the benefits?  

Soft tissue therapy benefits people of all ages. While it benefits the injured, the ill and the stressed, the real strength of soft tissue therapy lies in prevention. You don't have to be a sports person to feel the benefits of a treatment from New Movement Solutions. Injuries, pain, muscular tension, stress and fatigue can affect all of us, whether we are:

„      Competitive or Recreational Athletes

„     DIY Fanatics

„      Gardeners

„      Busy Housewives

„      Stressed Executives

Active or sedentary, we can tailor our treatments to your requirements. You may have just injured yourself or have been suffering for months, either way we can devise your treatment schedule, begin treatment and give your rehabilitation exercises from the very first session. For competitive athletes we can optimise your performance with targeted soft tissue work. Booking an appointment is easy and there will be an appointment to suit you. There are tremendous benefits to be achieved through regular treatments from a Sports Massage Therapist. For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment, whether your need is to reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain call today to arrange a consultation on: 01691 682181 or 07930 522586