Who am I ?

Norman Stalker

Hi I'm Norman and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my bio.

I have range of experience and qualifications spanning 30 years in Physical Education, Rugby Union and the Fitness Industry (all listed below).

I studied an Honours degree in Physical Education at the University of Liverpool, (Chester Campus).

I have played and coached Rugby Union in both the UK and Canada and completed my Diploma in personal training in 2012.

However you're probably more interested in knowing what I can do for you!

 I can help you improve your muscle to fat ratio to give you that lean slender look, or, if you're looking to add some size or strength I can improve that for you too. Both will involve the selection of the correct training programme coupled to the correct nutrition for your needs. If you want to train for a sporting or life event (a toughmudder, or getting married for example) I can guide you on your journey for that. If you're lacking in discipline and need motivating or encouraging I am the appointment in your diary that you need. If you just want to train to improve your self-confidence  and/or self-esteem then I am able to offer the appropriate support and advice for you.


If you have aches and pains, or have reached a plateau in your training or want to improve in your sporting performance my biomechanics coaching and skills in corrective and functional exercise could be just what you need. Muscle imbalance and postural problems are common limiting factors in performance and often increase the chance of injury. 


When you train with me you will be motivated, educated, complimented and rewarded. Most importantly I will help you to have the confidence and knowledge to continue your training outside of your time with me. My goal would be to get you to the point where you no longer need me as quickly as we possibly can. (though I would hope you would want to continue training with me!)



B.Ed. (Hons) in Physical Education - Liverpool University
  • Biomechanics Trainer - Intelligent training systems

  • Level 3 Rugby Union Coach

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Sports Massage Therapist

  • Advanced Primal Flow instructor

  • Nutrition and weight management coach

  • Level 2 Gym instructor

  • Circuit Training instructor

  • Kettlebells instructor

  • Outdoor Fitness and Boot camp instructor

  • Functional Exercise instructor

  • Movement Screening Fundamentals – Performance Matrix

Tutor/Assessor for Level 2 Gym Instructor courses at GFI Training

NMS offer Personal Training, Sport Massage Therapy,Corrective exercise and Functional movement coaching, Nutrition coaching, Outdoor fitness coaching, and Primal Flow classes.  Video analysis of posture and movement, along with a comprehensive screening of current nutrition habits, form the start point from which New Movement Solutions begins to plan your journey to an improved lifestyle, improved posture and movement patterns, reduced potential to injury and improved sporting performance.  In addition New Movement Solutions now offer :  Rugby Football Coaching consultancy  Physical Education consultancy   Leadership consultancy